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The Smiling Red Sea Star

There she is. A lovely Sea Star with a bright red hue floating comfortably in the shallows of her world. Life is good and she basks in the sun that shines through the water. The sun warms her through the soft ripples of her sea home. She busies herself keeping her balance on the smooth rock where she has chosen to spend her time.

Then the waters, with little warning, shift a bit. The soft ripples turn into strong currents that lift her from her warm, comfortable rock to the rough, hot surface of the shore. Her comfortable life has been uprooted, literally. For the first time in a long time she is struggling to get a firm grip on her position and to feel secure in her own surroundings. She is a strong Sea Star however this current is challenging her sense of well-being and no matter how positive she tries to be this change is definitely shaking her to the core.

Now there is another scene unfolding along this stretch of shoreline. Strolling along the beach are groups of Sea Star Throwers. They don’t really know yet that they are Sea Star Throwers. They will soon though. All they know is that something along the shore appears to be struggling and definitely out of place. They speed up their stroll and focus in on the struggling red Sea Star obviously out of its element and appearing to reach for the sea.

The Sea Star Throwers gaze on her beautiful red hue and admire the strength she is using to reach for the sea. This is certainly a creature worth helping and so they gently gather up the Sea Star amazed at her varied appearance, smooth, subtle movements, and determination. They know instinctively that this creature needs to be back in her sea and they can do that with the slightest of efforts. And so they do. It’s very possible she will be thrown onto the beach again. They agree to check on her periodically to see how they can support her. She believes that. She trusts them. They smile at the Sea Star and to each other as they help settle her comfortably back in the now calmer water. She is grateful and smiles back at them with thanks.

Hey, stay with me here and use your imagination. I know a Sea Star doesn’t smile as we do. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that the Sea Star Throwers, without hesitation, helped that struggling Sea Star to feel more comfortable and to make her way back to where she belongs.

You can make a difference anytime ~ anywhere ~ with any thing ~ with any one and that’s as it should be.


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