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Hello and welcome to what I hope will be an ongoing conversation between us.
You can reach me anytime through the contact page. I look forward to chatting with you.
The books I write fall into the category of "creative non-fiction" (true stories well told).   My writings are based on actual events that I present in essay form for the entertainment of my readers.
I write the way I speak and the topics I cover are of everyday life as seen from my perspective. Some of those topics are from my own experience and some are from the experiences shared with me by others. I am a visual person so when someone shares one of their life events with me I see pictures of that event. I then put those pictures into words. You can say I use words to paint on a page.
To paraphrase Paulo Coelho (one of my favorite authors) "I write books for me and if others find them interesting that is an added benefit".
I have put this website together for your enjoyment. You'll learn a little bit about me and lots of background information on the books I've written so far.
I would appreciate hearing from you. Sharing your stories with me lets me know that I am not alone in this world of words. After all, it is through words that we see the tapestries of our lives come alive.
There are more books in process. Please stay tuned. Thanks.


A smile opens doors, calms anger, brightens conversations, connects hearts, eases minds and frees the spirit. Don't wait for something to make you smiles. Instead, shine your best smile and let the world smile back.

Will Bowen

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