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Stars in the Sea: Stories of Hope, Happiness, and Helping Hands

ISBN-978-1-5320-1884-8 (sc)

Never underestimate the impact that your words and actions have on the lives of others.

Consider the sea star tossed on the beach by an errant wave and now stranded far from the environment that supports it. Perhaps an individual finds that sea star and takes the time to place it back into the sea so it can continue its life's journey. Neither sea star nor sea star thrower recognizes how that encounter has affected both of their lives.

At one time or another, we all are like sea stars, washed up on an unfamiliar beach, totally outside of the comfort we have known, going nowhere, and struggling to survive. Then some force - whether fate or someone's hand-gives us another chance to grow and live. Something has changed and we are moving forward again. These tales depict both sea stars and those who return them to the sea, offering hope for the future and reminding us of times when we experienced the helping hands of others.

The FUNctional Facilitator:
Because Attitude is Everything.
isbn: 978-1-4620-6965-1
Want to make your facilitation style Firm, Fair, Focused, and FUNctional?
Inside this essential guidebook you will find techniques for framing your facilitation experience, coaching the group, preparing for the unexpected, and much more.
You'll explore real life situations (some good, some bad, and some ugly) followed by a variety of techniques you can use right away to avoid similar situations and expand your facilitation skills.
times cover front.jpg
The Times of My Life
a journal of personal discovery
isbn: 978-0-692-19946-6
The Times of My Life workbook is an easy way to help you remember and record the events and the people that have influenced your life.
As you use this workbook you will see how the pieces of your life have come together to make you "you". Music, meals, photographs, locations, and movies may trigger a memory. The more you write the more you will remember. Each memory opens a window into your past, helps you define your present, and, even possibly, directs your future.  After all, your journey is not over.
These are the times of your life.
So What Do I Do Now?
a thought-filled guide to retirement
isbn: 978-1-6632-1850-6 (sc)
isbn: 978-1-6632-1851-3 (e)
So What Do I Do Now?  is a collection of personal stories and practical advice for those of you who are loving your retirement experience, for those of you who are dreading this next phase of your life, and for those of you just beginning to consider retirement.  
As you read these thoughts on retirement you will be guided to make the decisions that will help you navigate this next adventure and to find your own answers to What Do I Do Now.
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