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You are invited!

Welcome to my new website! With this site I am beginning a new phase of my life and I am very happy to invite you all into it.

Over the years my professional career has been a winding road. I have traveled through jobs large and small. From waitressing through high school and college, to selling Avon when my children were very young, to teaching high school (now that was an experience!), to teaching aerobic dancing, to managing a healthcare office, to maintaining my own private practice as a counselor for adults, to training non clinical healthcare workers for a large corporation, to owning my own management consulting company,, and partnering with a human resources company based in the Caribbean (note: working in paradise is still working), to working with middle and senior executives as their development coach. It has been a fun ride on that road. Now that road is leading me in new directions. Now I can say with confidence that I am a published author accepting speaking engagements whenever I am invited.

Life is good.

I hope that you will stop by this site often and join me on this new road. I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to share your reactions to the books I have written and offer ideas/comments/suggestions for future writings.

Off we go!

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