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May I Offer A Good Book to Keep You Warm Until Spring...

Here in the Northeast we are experiencing cold and snow and ice and all the weather stuff that gets in our way. I am not a cold weather person. In fact, for the last 10 years Husband and I have traveled to The Warm, wherever that might be. For a variety of reasons The Warm was not in our schedule this year. Husband seemed to manage better than I.

By mid February I found myself, like the Sea Stars in Stars in the Sea, stranded and struggling to find some comfort. Finally last week some comfort came my way. In the space of one week I received 4 major, positive reviews of my writings! I'm feeling warmer already!

Stars in the Sea

“I really enjoyed your stories. Each one made me smile. You need to write more of them!” F.R.

“Stars in the Sea makes me smile over and over again because I’ve read it “over and over” again. Because it continues to make me smile, I’ve recommended it to friends! Such a feel good book!” L.S.

“Early mornings are always perfect, and the reasons for that perfection are many. I enjoy this time of peace and quiet before it's disturbed, and it helps me set the tone for facing the day ahead of me. Sometimes that set tone works, sometimes it doesn't, but at least I set one.

Yesterday morning (after tone-setting, of course), I began reading your book before daybreak, completing my read at the break of day. Your 79-pages provided more valuable information on the true purpose of life, that if compared to a huge mountain made from millions of existing similar books and publications, "Stars in the Sea" is the shining star at the top of that mountain.

And, oh, btw, my "set tone" worked out just fine for me yesterday, your book definitely playing a part. “ J.M.

My intent for all of my writings is to make a difference in the lives of my readers. I think it worked with this book. I'm getting warmer...

And then there was this one for Times of My Life (written with Debbi Hines)

“This is an amazing journal opportunity for all ages! As a child of parents now in their 90+ years, this book invites conversations that reveal interesting details and untold stories of yesteryear. Lovely! Thank you to the authors!” (You will find more of this review on

And so, right now, sitting in front of my office windows looking at the trees glazed with ice and the grounds glistening with snow I feel warm and comfortable.

Thanks for reading through this. I appreciate your attention.

now to call the airlines and make reservations to my favorite spot in Cancun - it’s 82 degrees there …ahhh, just the thought

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