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Still Thankful After All These Years.

As usual I am behind the time this time of year. I wrote these thoughts well before Thanksgiving and just found them today. So here’s to late thoughts that are still relevant. Enjoy!


One of the habits I try to foster for myself is a daily reading that takes me out of my “real world”. This year (2019) I have chosen to reread Simple Abundance by Sarah Ben Breathnach, a collection of daily meditations on a variety of topics.

November 18th was a meditation entitled “The Blessings of Friends”. I share pieces of this meditation with you today in time for Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

To paraphrase Ms. Breathnach: All of those intimate chats/conversations and confessions that we have with our friends contribute to our emotional, physical, and psychological whole-ness “probably because, if we’ll listen to anyone, it’s a pal who loves us unconditionally and is committed to our happiness”.

"Above all, let your friends know how much you love them. Tell them frequently how much you treasure the gift of their friendship. Sadly, significant others come and go. Children grow up. Parents die. Siblings are separated by distance. But our friends are the continuous threads that help hold our lives together. Cherish your friends, not only in thought but in action."

Be thankful for and treasure your friends they are there to make you “whole”. I hope your Thanksgiving strengthened your connection to your valued friends.

If you want a real life interpretation of the value of friends in your life I recommend you read “The Tradition” in Stars in the Sea. It’s a true story.

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