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A Birthday Request

I have a friend who, I can truly say, fits the description of a Sea Star Thrower and has experienced being a Sea Star herself. She has created a tradition that is worthy of all Sea Star Throwers. What follows is a paraphrase of her birthday request.

“My birthday is Thursday and if you recall last year I started a tradition of giving to others not to me. I need nothing and the things I want do not matter. So that being said I’ll ask you to do something nice in honor of my birthday give a gift to someone or something in need.

I encourage you to out do yourself. Make cupcakes for the fire department and tell them happy birthday from me. There’s a gagillion things and people in need. You all made my birthday so special last year with the wonderful things you all did for others. I cannot wait to see this year.

We start out pretty early in the AM in that day looking for what we can do for someone. Christmas season makes it extra special to give.

Thank you all in advance for all the birthday gifts to others. Y’all make my heart sing anyway all the time. I could not be more blessed than I am.”

As you can see it only takes a small gesture to make a big difference in this world. Perhaps if we all followed her lead we could celebrate this time of year as a true season of giving.

Then again...maybe we could do this for all the holidays and make this a year of giving…what do you think?

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