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Let's Talk Sea Stars

Let’s talk about Sea Stars and the storms that have washed them onto the shore. During the holiday season we read about, and hopefully are involved in, helping the less fortunate. Every day you read/hear about a group or an individual who has organized a food distribution, toy drive, clothing drive, etc. I know that these “storms of need” don’t happen only in December. They happen all year long. The needs are there all year long. What is the reason that during this season we have to be reminded to pick up stranded Sea Stars and return them to their habitat? Conscience? Tax write-offs? Guilt? How would it be if we noticed these Sea Stars all year long? Perhaps we would all be better off to pay attention to the storms that happen and make it a point to walk the shore regularly and pick up stranded Sea Stars. What do you think? How could/would you commit to walking along the shore throughout the year, not just in December? Wishing you a Merry, Happy, Joyous season and may you be aware of the everyday storms that strand so many Sea Stars.

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